Gydomas 1 sezonas

Gydomas 1 sezonas Online
Metai: 2008
Žanras: Serialai
Trukmė: 25min
Kalba: Lietuvių (subtitrai)
Režisisavo: Rodrigo García, Hagai Levi, Nir Bergman
Aktoriai: Gabriel Byrne, Dianne Wiest, Michelle Forbes
Psychotherapist Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne) meets with his regular patients Monday through Thursday at his Baltimore home, and seeks help for himself with his therapist on Friday in this drama based on an Israeli series of the same name. In Season 1, Monday's patient is Laura (Melissa George), an anesthesiologist who confesses she's infatuated with Paul. On Tuesdays, Navy pilot Alex (Blair Underwood) comes to Paul after participating in a mission gone awry in Iraq and suffering a heart attack while exercising. Sophie (Mia Wasikowska), an aspiring gymnast, comes on Wednesdays because she needs a professional opinion regarding her emotional state after being hit by a car while riding her bike. On Thursdays, married couple Amy (Embeth Davidtz) and Jake (Josh Charles) are at their breaking point over whether or not to end her pregnancy. And at week's end, Paul returns to his former therapist and mentor, Gina (Dianne Wiest), to vent about his other patients and the complications he and his wife, Kate (Michelle Forbes), are experiencing in their marriage.
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